On Track Consulting, Inc was founded in 1996 by Michael and Lisa Barker.  Mike had been consulting for two years, but was tired of two month contracts here and two month contracts there.  Every contract required employment with another body shop consulting firm.  Mike was rarely employed long enough to join a 401K plan, let alone an annual performance review. 

Mike thoroughly enjoyed programming, but not looking for work. However, he thought he could do a better job finding contracts.  He was right! He spent a year at US West developing his web programming skills.  He then spent 18 months at TCI honing his skills. Another18 months was spent on several intranet web projects at US West, being a team lead on two of them.  He further developed his Java skills at Harland. Mike is now concentrating on contract work using Java technologies: JavaServer Pages (JSP), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), and Java Servlets.

Both Mike and Lisa are available for website design for small businesses and non-profit organitzations.

On Track Consulting, Inc.
6986 S. Newland St.
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Contact: info@ontrackinc.com


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