Mike Barker was one of those talents.  Mike's skill sets in Web-based development are exceptional. In the work activities that Mike was assigned to, his senior level knowledge of HTML and Java helped to transition the Loan Origination Application  from an eyesore to an application that received many complements from both internal customers (i.e., Product Management, Sales & Marketing, Executive Leadership) and external clients which included  banks, credit unions and other financial institutions in the United States.

To achieve this success, Mike professionally utilized many skill sets beyond his HTML and Java knowledge.  First, his human factors knowledge allowed Mike to work proactively with his clients in order to mature the presentation layer of the application into a product that was both functional and pleasing to one's eye. Secondly, his professionalism, maturity and communications skills, allowed Mike to do this with a customer base that not always agreed with one another.  Third, during the time Mike was developing his solutions, his development experience allowed him to proactively identify potential areas of improvement in other areas of the application. These opportunities helped others on the development team not only identify potential defects, but correct them prior to formal testing activities commenced.  Lastly, Mike's knowledge of software development lifecycles gave him the ability to set deliverable timelines that were synchronized with the overall program schedule and allow him to deliver his assignments on time and within budget. When directing a large staff, it is a great opportunity to have self directed personnel like Mike Barker on your team!

Steven Martin
Director of Information Technologies
former Director of Advanced Technologies at Harland Delivery

Copies of the complete letters are available upon request.

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